Nosing around in the Drush code I noticed that there some extra commands that are hidden from view.

One that’s super useful is drush sql-sanitize. What this does is rewrite all of the user emails and passwords, by default to "user+[uid]@localhost" and "password" respectively.

Perfect for a development environment, especially if the site sends out automated emails!

// Below is the definition for sql-sanitize
// found in commands/sql/
$items['sql-sanitize'] = array(
  'description' => "Run sanitization operations on the current database.",
  'bootstrap' => DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUSH,
  'hidden' => TRUE,
  'options' => array(
    'sanitize-password' => 'The password to assign to all accounts in the sanitization operation, or "no" to keep passwords unchanged.  Default is "password".',
    'sanitize-email' => 'The pattern for test email addresses in the sanitization operation, or "no" to keep email addresses unchanged.  May contain replacement patterns %uid, %mail or %name.  Default is "user+%uid@localhost".',
  ) + $db_url,
  'aliases' => array('sqlsan'),